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Scotch Guarding Dot Com
Scotch Guarding Dot Com

Did you know that having Scotch Guarding applied to your carpet after cleaning makes it easier to get marks out of your carpet, as well as prolonging the life of the carpet?

We are going to help you decide whether having your carpets or upholstery Scotch Guarded is right for you.
There are many myths about Scotch Guarding someone said to me recently that their carpet is not new and therefore cannot have a scotch guard or carpet protector put on it is that a true statement?
We have put carpet protector on carpets as old as fifteen years old does it really make a difference and can it still work on a carpet that old?
Going back to something I said in an earlier, if you call the right company to come and clean your carpets and they use the methods that are set out in the industry, namely Hoover, pre-spray and a form of agitation and finally a rinse then your carpets even if they are old will look fantastic.
Many of our clients often say their carpets look new and how the colour has come back to life one even called me a miracle worker but do not take my word for this please check the testimonials on our website.
The point I am trying to make is this once you have had your carpets cleaned professionally they look so good and so clean that many people wonder what they can do to help the carpet along.
Once the carpet cleaning firm goes and you spill something on that nice clean carpet, you may have a job on your hands trying to get the mark out.
By having Scotch Guarding applied after cleaning this will give your carpets very good protection from most soils and spills including oil spills.
Having a carpet protector will also slow down the wear of the carpet and will make it look newer and cleaner for longer. Dry particles will come up easier when hovering is carried out, because having a carpet protector will suspend dirt.
If your carpet is protected by carpet cleaning, we will also leave you a free bottle of spotter just in case you spill something on the carpet after we have gone; we will show you how to take the mark up.
If you add up how many times you may call a company to take a mark out of your carpets does it not make more sense to have it protected and take the mark out yourself?
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